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St. Paul Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Liability In Pedestrian Accident Cases

Some of the most catastrophic of all traffic accidents are those involving pedestrians. When a person is crossing the street at a legal crosswalk, they put a level of trust in oncoming vehicles to stop, as they are required to do by law. Motorists can be distracted, or they may be ignorant of the pedestrian’s right of way, resulting in a serious collision that causes catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Pedestrians who are hit by vehicles often suffer from broken bones, neck and back injuries, brain damage, or paralysis. That is why you should take immediate action by retaining a skilled St. Paul pedestrian accident attorney to recover your damages.

Pedestrian accident injuries can require ongoing treatment. Although insurance companies may attempt to offer a lump sum settlement, a knowledgeable lawyer will know when you deserve a structured settlement that covers all current and future medical expenses. Rob Roe Law, LLC, has handled personal injury cases for over a decade. If you are in need of quality counsel and representation, our firm is here for you.

Why You Need An Attorney In Your Corner

Without the representation of an aggressive and successful lawyer, you stand very little chance of winning fair compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries. Only a lawyer who is experienced in fighting the insurance companies can maximize your compensation. The legal team at Rob Roe Law, LLC, has a track record for success and has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Our clients also have much to say regarding our service and results.

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