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Rob Roe Begins Work as Secretary of the Minnesota Association for Justice

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2014 | Firm News

Rob Roe Law, LLC has a long-standing relationship with local involvement and community organizations. We are careful to choose our association, involving ourselves only with those foundations that share our sincere passion for the law and for civil justice. Last year, Attorney Rob Roe was honored with the position of Treasurer of Minnesota Association of Justice and served the organization by ensuring that the funds and donations were handled with integrity and protection. As the month of August begins, Rob is moving on from his position with MAJ as Treasurer to assume a much larger role as Secretary of the organization.

The Minnesota Association for Justice is committed to accurate and educational material on the subject of civil justice, equality and civil rights. The association’s activities involve constant publication of educational material written by the brightest legal and judiciary professionals in Minnesota. MAJ also holds seminars and conferences to facilitate a platform for collaboration, education and networking among Minnesota’s civil advocates.

Rob Roe is proud to be a part of the mission at Minnesota Association for Justice and at Rob Roe Law, LLC, we apply that very mission to the individual pursuits of our clients. As a firm, led by attorney Rob Roe, we are committed to providing our clients with access to the legal representation and compensation they deserve in their times of trouble .