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How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Into a Bicycle Accident

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 1,000 American bicyclists are fatally injured in a bicycle accident each year and another half-a-million are sent to emergency rooms. The only certain way to reduce the number of bicycle accidents and diminish the risk of one occurring is if everyone on the road, either on a bicycle or in an automobile, are aware of the dangers and take conscious efforts to be safer. At Rob Roe Law, LLC, our lead attorney, Mr. Roe, is an avid bicyclist himself, so we wanted to do our part and help spread some smart safety tips for everyone to read and remember.

To help prevent bicycle accidents:

  1. Increase visibility: Drivers are usually looking for two headlights and a big metal frame when they check mirrors and blind spots. Seeing a bicyclist is a difficult task due to the diminutive size of a rider and the lack of concentration on behalf of the driver. If you wear brightly lit clothing, equip a lamp, and put reflectors on your bicycle, it will be much easier for others to see you, at night or in the day.
  2. Follow the rules: There are specific road rules bicyclists and motorists need to follow. For the most part, a bicyclist acts as if they are a full-sized vehicle, commanding a lane, waiting at traffic signals, and so on. You should also ride your bicycle in the center of the lane, keeping your clear of adjacent lanes and parked vehicles, which may open their door unexpectedly.
  3. Petition: Much of a bicyclist’s safety depends on how the roads are maintained and designed. Cities should take measures to provide adequate bike lanes, choosing paths that keep bicycle riders out of harm’s way most of the time. If you live in an area without many bike-friendly streets, you may want to get in contact with local government parties or groups to petition for changes.

Realistically, the prevention of all bicycle accident is not something that will happen overnight, or even over the course of several years. There will always be a negligent driver that is not paying attention to where they are going. We would like to remind you now to please always wear a helmet when riding, and ensure it is properly fitted. Some CDC studies have shown that helmet use can prevent 26% of fatalities and 70% of traumatic brain injuries.

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