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Common Types Of Car Accidents In St. Paul, MN

St. Paul Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents are far too common an occurrence everywhere in the U.S., and they frequently result in major injuries or loss of life. Each type of injury will be valued based upon the damages to the individual, including economic and noneconomic damages. If you have been injured in a St. Paul car accident, it is imperative that you get in touch with a St. Paul personal injury attorney with the experience to represent you in court.

Here are the four most common kinds of car collisions:

Rear-End Accident Collisions (“Fender-Benders”)

Rear-enders are usually the least dangerous of auto accidents, but can be deadly under the right conditions. They are almost always caused by the driver in back not leaving adequate following space, or failing to pay attention and apply the brakes in time. Though they often result in just minor damage to the rear end of the car, at higher speeds they can lead to whiplash, spinal cord injury, broken bones, head injuries and soft tissue damage, requiring a long period of medical care and rehabilitation.

Side-Impact Accident Collisions (“T-Boning”)

When another car hits you at a 90-degree angle from the side, it is commonly called a T-bone or side impact collision. These usually occur at intersections when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or red light and proceeds into the traffic, endangering any other driver in the vicinity. Side impact collisions can be very dangerous due to the minimal protection offered on the sides of most vehicles, though side airbags can be helpful. With enough speed, an airbag cannot protect the human body from impact, and the injuries can be significant.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions occur when the front end of two cars collide, frequently due to lane drifting, drunk driving, wrong way driving or road hazards. Because both vehicles are moving toward each at the moment of impact, their velocities are added together and the resulting damage can be catastrophic. The drivers and passengers are likely to suffer severe or permanent injuries, or die after impact or after being ejected through the windshield. This is the most dangerous of all types of auto accidents, with the highest incidence of death.


Rollovers are when the force of an impact causes the vehicle to topple over itself, either one or many times. They are more prone to happening to large vehicles that are higher off the ground. They can result from any of the previous types of collisions, and are especially likely during high-speed turning and maneuvering. They are also the most deadly, as they lead to several impacts on all sides of the vehicle.

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