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Case Results

Wrongful death claim involving a highway crash between two semi trucks carrying full loads collided on a rural highway. Defendant maintained that he was driving within the speed limit and another vehicle caused the collision. Plaintiff’s reconstruction and investigation showed otherwise. The case settled at mediation for a confidential amount.

Client was hired to perform electrical work on defendant’s new facility. At the completion of the project, a test of a new pump system was performed. Defendant’s employees failed to properly seal a pipe joint carrying 90% sulfuric acid and it sprayed the acid on client’s head and back. Defendant had also failed to properly connect the water pipe to the safety shower. Investigation and discovery revealed numerous mistakes on the part of the defendant. The defendant acknowledged liability and the claim settled for a confidential amount.

Client was an Olympic class bicyclist. He rode his bike twenty four miles to work every day. Part of his route took him across a bridge that was part of a state highway and did not allow nonmotorized vehicles. Plaintiff was riding his bicycle on the right shoulder and was struck by a car that moved across the fog line. Plaintiff sustained injuries to his leg. He was able to return to work after surgery, but could not return to the level of cycling he achieved prior to the crash. Defendant maintained she did not cross the fog line and that plaintiff was 100% at fault. Defendant conceded liability after investigation and discovery. The case settled for $270,000.00.

Clients’ son was intoxicated and walking down the middle of a two lane highway. He was struck and killed by a car driven by defendant who had a blood alcohol level just under the legal limit. Using defendant’s BAC and principles of distracted driving, plaintiff presented a theory that defendant should have avoided the collision and been able to safely help the deceased off the road. Case settled for policy limits.

Client was represented by defendant for a dram shop case. Defendant demanded $150,000 to settle the case prior to the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations ran during the negotiations. After working up the dram shop claim and aggressively building and documenting the damages, the case settled at mediation for defendant’s policy limits of $500,000.00.

Client was injured when the seat on his deer stand gave way before he could latch his safety harness. Defendant maintained that client was at fault for misuse and failure to follow instructions, specifically that the stand was too high (17′) and that users are instructed to attach the safety harness before entering the stand. Discovery revealed that the product was rushed through the testing process without proper analysis and that there was a defectively designed latch that caused the stand to collapse. Defendant solicited a demand at that point and the case settled for a confidential amount.