Causes of Car Accidents

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Causes of Car Accidents in St. Paul

St. Paul Auto Accident Lawyer

While there are times when nothing can realistically be done to prevent a car accident from taking place, it is estimated that 80% are car accidents are caused by easily preventable driver errors. Although weather and other natural forces can impact our safety on the road, human error or negligence is the most common cause of serious injury accidents. If you are ever involved in a car accident in which another driver was at fault, call Rob Roe Law, LLC to learn how we can help you to pursue full compensation

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving encompasses far more than just talking on a cell phone while driving. Distractions can exist as anything that occupies your hands, eyes, or mind while on the road. The most dangerous distractions are the ones that take over all three simultaneously (such as sending a text message behind the wheel). Talking to passengers, changing the radio station, daydreaming, and sight-seeing while driving are all considered distractions, and greatly increase the chances of getting into an accident.


Speeding, in the legal sense, refers to traveling above the posted speed limit for the street, road or highway you are on. However, it can also be assessed based on a police officer's subjective interpretation of what is a safe traveling speed for the present road conditions, regardless of the posted speed. The speed limit may be unsafe under certain situations. During times of extremely bad weather, poor visibility, or when under the influence, the safe driving speed limit can be reduced significantly. If it is determined that a driver was at fault in a collision for driving too fast, he could be held liable and be forced to pay damages, as is only fair.

Drunk and Impaired Driving

As most people know by now, drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. It is a leading cause of car accidents across the country. It's not the only form of impairment. Drowsiness, rage, and a various prescription and street drugs can greatly reduce the ability to drive safely. You are responsible for your mental state behind the wheel. Impaired drivers can be held accountable and be forced to pay damages to injured victims. Impaired driving causes you to be legally liable for the any accidents you cause.

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