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Life After A Personal Injury In St. Paul, MN

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The damage caused in an accident is never just physical. An accident victim can also suffer serious economic and noneconomic damages, each of which deserves to be compensated by the party responsible for causing the accident. Both of these types of damages can be difficult to measure or obtain without the counsel and representation of an experienced St. Paul personal injury lawyer. Rob Roe Law, LLC, has more than 25 years of combined legal experience and is more than capable of recovering both economic and noneconomic damages for your personal injury case.

Economic damages include medical bills, damage repairs, lost wages and expenses for hiring professional help. These expenses are easier to calculate, but it is still wise to retain an attorney to help you gather the documentation and evidence needed to prove your need and eligibility for compensation. Our firm can help you gather doctors’ notes, gas mileage logs, medical bills and receipts so that you are compensated for every expense resulting from your accident.

Noneconomic damages are much more difficult to calculate, making it absolutely vital to have a skilled litigator on your side. The legal team at Rob Roe Law, LLC, will thoroughly examine the circumstances of your accident and will fight to ensure you are compensated for damages such as pain and suffering, loss of sleep, anxiety, emotional distress, scars and more. Our team has decades of personal injury experience and will know how much you deserve to receive in a settlement or verdict, so do not hesitate to retain an attorney from our firm today.

The Importance Of Retaining A St. Paul Personal Injury Attorney

By hiring experienced counsel, you will have the highest possible chance of success regarding your payout. Only an attorney will know what evidence to look for and the extent of your damages, including any future or ongoing damages. Some injuries may require ongoing treatment in the future, and a skilled lawyer will recognize this and ensure that your settlement or verdict takes this into account. Call the offices of Rob Roe Law, LLC, for more information about how we can help.

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The legal team at our St. Paul personal injury firm has successfully handled more than 1,000 injury cases. We have represented clients suffering injury after car accidentsmotorcycle accidentproduct liability and much more. Our team will focus on your rights, answer your questions and fight relentlessly to maximize your compensation. We believe that compassion and honesty make a good advocate and a good attorney, which is exactly what you’ll find by retaining our firm.

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