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Rob Roe Law, LLC, has successfully represented more than 1,000 cases and has recovered more than $1 million in settlements and verdicts. Our team won a settlement worth more than $1 million alone in 2012. Contact our firm today to find out what we can do for you in a product liability case. We treat each of our clients with the care and respect that they deserve and remain in close communication with them as the case progresses. Waiting to hire a product injury attorney could damage your chances of recovering the maximum compensation for your damages, so call now, or complete our case evaluation form to submit your information and get the process started.

Should I file A Product Liability Claim?

When a person uses a product, appliance, toy, medication, piece of machinery or other commercial product, it is expected that it will function correctly, and that it will not cause harm or injury. When a product malfunctions and causes serious injury to the consumer, the person has the right to file a product liability claim. Even if the warranty has expired on a product, an experienced and aggressive St. Paul product liability lawyer may still be able to be successful in pursuing compensation due to extreme negligence on the part of the manufacturer, the vendor, or other liable party.

Injuries Caused By Faulty Products

A defective product can cause very serious injuries or loss of life. Common examples include house fires or explosions caused by faulty home appliances. Car accidents have been known to result from defective tires, brakes, or to have air bags that fail to deploy or the failure of another critical part or safety system. Spoiled or contaminated food should be addressed with a product liability claim to recover compensation.

Consult with a product liability attorney from Rob Roe Law, LLC, today to discuss your situation and determine whether or not you have grounds for a claim. Our team is a victim’s advocate, seeks justice for the injured and will fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us now.